How Facebook maybe a danger now and in the future

Facebook will hold us at Ransom
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Facebook is a social network application that was built by Mark Zuckerberg in America. It is a social platform where people can create friendship interact, form communities and share ideas through text, images and video.


How is facebook dangerous now? One fundamental thing about Facebook is that it has an audience. Facebook audience matches into billions of users that share millions of photos and videos everyday. For Facebook and other marketers this wealth of information can be used to predict among many others things social patterns, people characteristics. It can be used to know what skin color someone is, what food they like and or what are their ideals and political party affiliation.


Also look at the recent discovery that led Facebook shutting down an AI experiment. Late July 2017 Facebook engineers were forced to pull the plug on one of the company’s AI systems after its bots began communicating with each other in a completely new language which humans simply couldn’t decipher. In order to increase computer efficiency, speed and enhance user experience Facebook everyday is experimenting on its users through use of AI and Robots. 


Results apart from having a rogue AI that may cause undesirable action Facebook experiments yield the direction and form a course of life that its user will take.


Sooner than you think, FACEBOOK will be THE INTERNET itself.


Broadcasters will abandon Outside Broadcasting (OB) trucks and instead embrace Facebook Live facility. TV stations will start broadcasting and carrying their signal via Facebook.


Sooner than you think, Facebook Live will start full time AUDIO Streaming and that will mean online radio streaming will move to the Facebook platform.


Sooner than you think, VOIP services offered on Facebook Messenger will screw the Mobile Telecommunications companies out of business.


Sooner than you think, YouTube and other online video content host will be squeezed by Facebook Watch.


Sooner than you think, most Money Transfer Providers will be put out of business by Facebook Messenger.


Sooner than you think, market trading services provided by EBay, AliExpress, Alibaba etc will be squeezed by Facebook.



This real life experiment shows how dangerous online can be

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