How To Boot Into Advanced Recovery Mode In Windows 10

Windows boot into advanced mode with options
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Windows 10 is considered a major stable upgrade since Windows 7 operating system from Microsoft.

Windows 8 was a failed project quickly rectified by Windows 8.1 before we caught an eye for Windows 10.

Sometimes it appears Windows 10 is so buggy and so sluggish on a lot of machines that their are endless complaints.

Especially the Hard Disk usage get filled up often on startup and machine gets so sluggish you have to wait for most services to load and processes to begin.

So when the disk usage is so full it’s really a huge nug and pain to your technology activity and production.

But sometimes the Windows will not just start for some other million reasons. What do you do in that case?

Solution To Boot Windows 10 Into recovery Mode

So your computer is not just sluggish but is not starting up at all. On boot you are greeted Windows stop errors and you just can’t figure it how to boot into recovery mode.

Some machines accept F11 but that’s very rarely. Before Windows 10 it was F8 and boom you are in in Advanced Options. F8 was really straight forward and i wonder why it was defected.

Here is how to get into Windows advanced recovery mode or options should your computer completely fail to boot

Power on and off your Windows machine three times: How to do that is – Power on and when you see the Windows Logo – power off . Do it again for the second time.

On the third time your machine will boot into the Advanced Recovery environment. Depending on your computer setup you might be asked for a password.

Thereafter you will have the Advanced Options with all the options and possibilities to fix your troublesome Windows machine.

Reset To Factory Defaults
Startup Repair
System Restore
Windows Startup Options (Safe Mode)

Use Bootable Disk

You can also create a Windows bootable disk and boot off from it. Thereafter at the request option press any key to choose the boot up environment.

Windows 10 Advanced Option
Get Into Advanced Option Through Bootable Disk

Once you have successfully started from the install disk choose Repair Computer. It will take you into troubleshoot mode.

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