How to borrow Airtime on Airtel network

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Are you in Zambia and you have run out of Airtime or talk time and you don’t know how to borrow using Airtel network?

Well you have come to the right blog post and Lensesview will help and show you how to borrow Airtime on Airtel network.

Borrowing airtime often is very handy as when in an emergency and you have run out with no credit on your side.

Borrowing Airtel is very simple. All you have to do is dial *458# and choose option 1 called Siliza and follow instructiins in the next step.

While in the same menu Option 2 is a guide about borrowing airtime on the Airtel Zambia network.

The last Option 3 is for checking your balance that is if you have previously borrowed.

The minimum amount of airtime you can borrow is 1 Kwacha.

Is that All?

Yes thats it, simply dialling *458# and choosing option 1 on Airtel network is all you need to borrow Airtime.

But here is the catch;

When repaying talk time, terms and conditions attach a 10% interest. Yes you will pay interest unlike the other network MTN where you pay exactly as you borrowed.

Secondly you are required to pay the balance from the borrowed airtime in a space of 48hrs. So any moment you top up the airtime directly goes to payback the borrowed.

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