How to buy MTN Spaka bundles

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How to buy MTN Spaka bundles looks like a simple question yet it is not because some offers are not readily revealed by MTN.

With the endless and variety of bundle offers and subscriptions on MTN Zambia, its really tough to see which data subscription is best for you.

There all lineups of data bundles that suit almost everyone. There are endless and confusing SSIDs, offering 10s of services from data bundles to voice bundles that sometimes you will get lost as to which is which.

But here is how to get MTN SPAKA bundles. for minutes. If you want to subscribe to MTN for minutes worth of talk then buy MTN spaka bundles by dialing *111# then choose option 2 Spaka.

Wait a minute isn’t it to dial *211# if you want to buy Spaka minutes on MTN Zambia? Formerly yes but since July 2020 the SSID *211# was changed to Hybrid Spaka package. MTN Hybrid Package for minutes is way expensive and not affordable by most of us. It seems the hybrid package is meant for corporate and businesses.

A Hybrid Spaka bundle starts at a weekly offer with the lowest price of 85 Kwacha for 700 Mins+200 SMS+300MB. While the weekly non-hybrid SPAKA dialed from *111# option 2 starts at 5 Kwacha for 22 Mins+200SMS and it does not give any data bundles.

Noticeably MTN Spaka also offers daily bundles that starts at 2 Kwacha for 10 minutes plus 100 SMS and end at 15 Kwacha for 120 minutes +200 SMS + 50MB

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