How to buy phones online in Zambia

There are not so many shops that offer to buy a phone online in Zambia
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If you are in Zambia can you buy a mobile phone device online from the comfort of your home or office or wherever you are and it will get delivered to your address?

Well, this is the question that Lensesview wants to answer. And if you have come here to this blog post be assured you have come to the right place. Lensesview is here to offer a simple review of technology use in Zambia.

So here we go with a few answers to how to buy phones online in Zambia we got.

Shop Bwana promises a great deal but is nothing other than SEO search landing you to their page as the Electronics department Store has no phone in stock

Mobile City Paradise – these guys have a store on their Facebook Page instead. It appears there is no domain and website for Mobile City Paradise. Browse the shop on Facebook and check out the phone you are interested in. You will have options including Do You Deliver? that you can enquire about the device.

Ubuy Zambia – This is a massive site with all sorts of links to order phones from China, the US, the UK, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. This site is no different from buying from Amazon or eBay and is not hosted nor run by Zambians.

Jumia Deals – is a subdomain for and sells all sorts of deals online. All in all, you can’t get a phone from here. The stock is outdated with the old Zambian currency an indication no one updates the store.

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An extremely outdated online shop selling for Zambia showing prices in old Kwacha

MTN Store – You can order certain brands of phones from MTN Store and get them delivered to your home. But the online shopping and delivery is only available to the Copperbelt and Lusaka provinces.

Facebook Zambia – This place has all sorts of deals concerning the sale of phones. Definitely, you can find a dealer near you and have to organize how to deliver. along the main road network delivery is simple through various transporters. The only drawback is you won’t be guaranteed of the device quality you are buying and ultimately so there are so many people up to crook others

Ideally, it is difficult to buy phones online in Zambia and they get delivered to your home.

One of the reasons is because of the luck of dealers willing to commit to an online store.

Secondly, for the dealers that offer to sell online like on Facebook, there is too much fraud and poor quality of service.

But when you purchase phones outside Zambia like on Amazon or eBay with various delivery outlets like DHL, EMS and Ishop Worldwide your purchase will arrive safe and quick.

So to buy a phone online when you are in Zambia it is safer to do it with reputable marketplaces (Amazon, eBay and so) or international websites that can deliver.

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