How to check your NAPSA pension contributions in 2022

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A couple of years back to check your NAPSA pension contributions was a mammoth task. But anyway not anymore. Just through the Napsa Mobile app, you are all set to check your NAPSA balance online.

It was a huge task because It required your HR to get in touch with Napsa officials and then get back to you. This was not an easy simple telephone call and an answer is given. Often it required the HR’s physical presence at the offices.

But even when you decided to make a trip yourself, as a member of the scheme, to the nearest pension NAPSA offices your visit will be characteristic of lines and endless queues landing into bureaucracies.

But fast forward here we are today and this is how to check your NAPSA pension contribution in 2022. It is easy as peasy.

Follow the enapsa link using your computer and register as an employee or employer. As an employee, you need your Social Security Number to signup while as an employer you need an account number, login ID, and a password. These should have been set up with the help of the Napsa client officer.

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Sign Up Through NAPSA Mobile App

If you want to go the mobile way then the following procedure applies. Go to Play Store from your Android phone and search for the “NAPSA Mobile” app Zambia. After installing the app click on Get Started right from the home page.

Enter your mobile phone number and have it verified by entering the code that is sent through SMS.

On the next page enter your Napsa Social Security Number, NRC, and a pin code of not less than 4 digits.

And that’s it you are free to go to check your National Pensions Scheme contributions. The app will show all the contributions you have ever made from the start of the contribution.

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