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How to clear the local DNS cache in Windows and Mac OS

flushing dns cache using keyboard commands
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A corrupt DNS cache will provide problems for the PC to reach the intended target. That’s why clearing local dns cache is always good especially after troubleshooting a problematic computer. Computers cache the DNS and IP addresses in order to speed up the accessibility of the resources. 

How to clear the local DNS cache in Mac OS

You can flush your local DNS cache in Mac OS (up to El Capitan) from your Terminal:

  • Go to Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal
  • Type the following command and press Enter:

dscacheutil -flushcache

  • After that type the second command and press Enter:

killall -HUP mDNSResponder


And for MacOS Sierra and later

sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder;sudo killall mDNSResponderHelper;sudo dscacheutil -flushcache;say MacOS DNS cache has been cleared

After completion of the command the Mac will give an audio feedback

How to clear the local DNS cache in Windows

You can flush your local DNS cache in Windows by following these easy steps:

Windows 7:

  • Open Start menu
  • Click Run
  • Type cmd and press enter
  • In the Command Prompt type ipconfig /flushdns and press Enter

Windows 8, 10:

  • On your keyboard, press Win+X to open the WinX Menu
  • Right-click Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator
  • Run this command ipconfig /flushdns and press Enter

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