How to pay for your RTSA road tax online

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How to pay for your RTSA road tax online is a very easy task. Is your Zambian motor vehicle license or road tax coming to expiration? RTSA the Road Transport and Safety Agency has just a solution for you on how to pay for a road tax online without you visiting the office.

One thing synonymous with RTSA services is the endless and long queues you have to endure to obtain your driver’s license, motor vehicle registration, motor vehicle fitness services, or road tax license.

Long queues for a motor vehicle license or road tax are things of the past with ZamPortal Services. From the comfort of your home or on the go from any mobile device you can easily pay for your road tax. Yo do so just follow this easy instruction:

  1. Head to ZamPortal from this link here

2. Hit Create User if you are not registered yet

3. New form opens to create what is called Zampass ID

4. Fill in your details choosing wether you are a citizen, resident or foreigner.

5. Your NRC or Passport numbers will be required. (All fields are mandatory and must be filled in)

6. Click Submit and wait for further instructions for the creation of your ID to be sent to the provided email address.

7. After you confirm your registration from the mail you can head back to Zamportal and choose the service you want. In this instance, we are looking for a road tax payment. So from Zamportal choose the link For Drivers where another link says Motor Vehicle Licence (“Road Tax”)

8. Click Apply For Service

9. Next page choose “Proceed” ( here you will be required to enter your credentials – preferably enter your NRC without the / forward slash or passport number)

10. The next page opens all, currently 51 e-directory services provided by the government of Zambia. On page 2 you will see Motor Vehicle Licence (“Road Tax”). Choose that again. (this will happen if you didn’t log in from the initial step on the portal)

11. Form GS1 will open choose New in Case Type and click next

12. Enter your mother Vehicle Registration and choose the quarters available for you. ( If your insurance is not valid you won’t have the road tax quarter available for your motor vehicle)

13. Confirm details of your motor vehicle and owner name before clicking Next

14. Choose payment mode from the available Mobile Money (Airtel, MTN and Zamtel), VISA and Online Banking

15. Walaa! just pay and a receipt with a certificate will be sent to your mail or you can readily download and print

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