How to Pay Multi Choice DStv Subscription Through Barclays Bank Zambia

How to Pay Multi Choice DStv Subscription Through Barclays Bank Zambia
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Through the DStv self-service, the convenience of paying for a subscription is brought right home. The self-service adds to the simplified channel or mode you can use to pay for a DStv subscription in Zambia.

Among them is through Barclays Bank Zambia. And they are very easy steps that can be done right in your living room or on the go from a laptop, phone or tablet.

To get you started you need to be an account holder of the Barclays Banks Zambia to use the facility. Then of course your device must have an internet connection. 

Follow these easy steps to pay for your MultiChoice DStv subscription through Barclays Bank Zambia:

Go to the website ( or directly to and a welcome screen for Barclays will appear.

Enter User name and Password.

Choose Fund Transfers before Choosing Pay A Bill

Then Choose Biller Type( If Biller Type does not exist create the New Payee

Choose TV Subscription

Select DStv or any other subscription Multichoice GOtv, MUVI tv or Topstar. Use your Customer number as a reference and the transaction will be completed.

SMS Short Code

If you are not internet savvy or you lack data you can use the SMS shortcode. SMS shortcode does not use the internet and only relies on the Short Messaging Service. If you are on MTN Network use *229#. But firstly your Personal Bank Account must be enabled for Mobile Phone Banking.

What other ways do you know to make payments to Multichoice DStv Zambia?

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