How To Protect Your Android Based Device from Malware

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Cyber-criminals, with its underground activities, are ever more dangerous, keen and merely urged toward sophistication. Cyber criminals are organised into commercial units your unprotected Android device will swipe so easily as a step to steal your personal information.

This rise has soured because of the rate of adoption of mobile devices. And criminals have validated this massive trend as a wealth of records, data and Information that can be used to monetary gain. 

The most common malware regardless of platform is related to short message fraud and personal life invasion. Botezatu (a senior e-threat analyst for security firm BitDefender)noted that “one of most important things that can happen with Android is privacy invasion.”

Mobile malware can allow cybercriminals to intercept messages, monitor calls, steal personal information, and even listen in with the device’s microphone.

#Cnet Aware List
On the aware list are the tagged 

and #CarberpTrojan

But of course you will put your phone at high risk if  through your device practices, customisations and or handling.Suspicious Apps to be aware of
Examples are.

  • Apps with outrageous promises, bad reviews and or nearly no reviews.
  • Pirated Apps–I have a friend who like to mess around with  Apps and come around to show me how his phone can do some amazing stuff. Its pretty easy to bundle a legitimate APK with malicious program and circulate it around
  • Settings–Don’t mess around with default settings just to allow your phone perform extra. Often these customisation come at a cost.
  • Software UpdatesEnsure updates are done and promptly

Avoiding Infections

To avoid malicious infection, users are advised to follow these expert recommendations:
  • Do not activate the “developer mode” on the device
  • Do not activate the “Install applications from third-party sources” option
  • Only install applications from official channels When downloading apps its imperative that you only do so from legitimate app store like Google Amazon, Samsung.
  • When installing new apps, carefully study which rights they request
  • Use protection software

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