Zambia: How to Report Images of Child Sexual Abuse

In Zambia you can help to report pictures of child abuse found on internet
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How to report images of child sexual abuse found online in Zambia: Average internet surfing in Zambia may be considered safe but sometimes there are individual users who may pass that safety boundary.

Have you seen anything that’s out of order? Is there an image or video of a child from Zambia that you recognize and you feel child sexual abuse has happened?

Images and videos of child sexual abuse online leave victims tormented by sadness and fear. Your report will help stop their victimisation and make the internet a safer space for everyone.

Well, that’s why the Internet Watch Foundation in conjunction with ZICTA, MTN, Internet Matters, Facebook, CMEC, and UK Stopit Zambia have set up a spot. So here is the link to the report.

Report Here

Reporting can be completely anonymous.

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