How to search for your ZRA TPIN Number

Finding your ZRA TPIN online is very easy from the ZRA Portal
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Searching for your Zambia Revenue Authority ZRA TPIN number is very easy. Just head to the ZRA website or with the second link provided below if you are already registered with ZRA Portal. With the first link look for Taxpayer Search tab, it will take you to! and bingo there you are; just type in your NRC.

The system will retrieve your TPIN number with the Full Names as Tax Payer Name, the effective date of registration, the status of the TPIN whether active or not, and the tax type registered

Do you know what TPIN stand for?

If you don’t have the ZRA TPIN number you can quickly apply and register at!

What is a TPIN

A Taxpayer Identification Number (TPIN) is a unique computer-generated number allocated to a taxpayer under any of the following entities:

  • Limited company
  • Partnership
  • Sole trader/proprietor
  • Other

How to apply for the TPIN you can check the ZRA FAQ here.

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