How To Sign Up For Twitter Prototype Twttr App

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Twitter has been considering some major changes to the native Twitter by creating a prototype app called Twtrr. Among the changes include the removal of the like button and changes to status update fields.

“I don’t think I would create ‘likes’ in the first place.” Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said.

Dorsey at TED conference in April also said he wouldn’t make the follower count as prominent. That is given he was to reinvent Twitter all over again.

These changes come amidst the clutter of likes and the following or retweets of posts that sometimes overshadow quality articles.

A new app called Twttr which is a prototype of Twitter drives toward such an ambition. Earlier in March Twitter announced the intentions of the new app.

The app design is focusing on the conversation as tweets and replies look like the bubbles and color-coded chats in WhatsApp.

How to sign up for twitter prototype app

If you would want to try the prototype here is how you can sign up by following the short survey here

A few things that Twitter perhaps can also address in the new app is online harassment. Others have suggested redesigning the thread conversation.h

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