How To Unlicense Office 365 MailBox User

How To Unlicense Office 365 MailBox User

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Office 365 just like anywhere in the world is becoming popular also in Zambia. The Microsoft based cloud solution comes with new skillset for management of the exchange. And here is one simple tip.
To unlicense a user on Office 365 Exchange Online navigate to your adminportal and under Users select your user. A user property window opens and you can get into Product Licenses by clicking “edit”. From their choose the Office product you want to unlicense.
To remove the Office Licenses using powershell use the below syntax
Set-MsolUserLicense -UserPrincipalName -RemoveLicenses "lensesview:o365_Business_Essentials"

If you don’t know what Office Package plan was assigned to the user use the DisplayName,Licenses command

Get-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName | Format-List DisplayName,Licenses

Another direct way to unlicense or free up the license is to delete the User which brings me to another point

Caution When Removing The Product Licenses

Be careful when you unlicense a mailbox entity in Office 365. Firstly create a pst backup then go ahead otherwise the mailbox will be deleted and you will lose all emails. Unlicense a user is simply to delete the user object.
Though in Office 365 by default you can restore the mail items upto a period of 14 days from point of deletion.
And when you reanimate the mailbox you may encounter issues with opening the mailbox.
If you are upto the task the following cmdlets are helpful in running exchange

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