How to Withdraw Cash From Stanbic Bank Instant Money

Stanbic Bank Instant Money access through ATM
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Stanbic Bank Instant Money is a convenient and secure way to send money to anyone in Zambia, as long as they have an active mobile number.

Here’s how it works: if you have a Stanbic Bank account with active Internet and mobile banking services, you can quickly generate a payment. The best part? The recipient doesn’t need a bank account. As long as they have an active mobile number, they can withdraw the funds.

To redeem the money, the recipient simply goes to any Stanbic Bank ATM and presses the Instant Money button. No card is needed, and the transaction is completely free of charge.

Instant Money makes sending and receiving money hassle-free.

Highlights To Withdraw Cash Using Instant Money

  • You will get a 9-digit voucher through SMS
  • Get a 5-digit PIN from the sender
  • Go to your nearest Stanbic Bank ATM
  • Select Instant Money
  • Enter the 9-digit voucher number
  • Enter your mobile number starting with 0
  • Enter the 5-digit PIN and confirm.

Stanbic Instant Money offers a seamless way to send money, making financial transactions straightforward and accessible for everyone, even those without a bank account.

The only drawback which is very huge is the service is not instant as pronounced. It takes hours for Stanbic to send the PIN. This means you can’t withdraw the money without the pin. This thinly compares with other renowned banks like ABSA and FNB whose E-Wallet is truly an instant.

For more facts and details you can check Stanbic Bank Zambia’s site

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