Infinix Phones In Zambia

Infinix Mobile is a Hong Kong-based smartphone company founded in 2013 by Sagem Wireless and Transsion Holdings. The company has research and development centres sprawling between France and Korea and designs its phones in France.

Sagem phones in the early days of GSM mobile phones once flooded the Zambian market especially with the Telecel now MTN. A series of phones under myXXX brand was manufactured for several years.

Starting in 1997, sales of mobile phones grew enormously. SAGEM rapidly became one of the world’s leading manufacturers of GSM telephones.

Fast forward to today, Infinix mobile phones are manufactured in France, Bangladesh, Korea, Hong Kong, China, India and Pakistan 

The phones are available in Asia and in about 30 countries in the Middle East and Africa, including Zambia, Morocco, Bangladesh, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan and Algeria.

Here is the list of the most used Infinix phones in Zambia

Infinix S2 Pro
Infinix X5010
Infinix X537 Note 3 Pro
Infinix X5514D Smart 2 Pro
Infinix X5516B
Infinix X557 Infinix HOT 4
Infinix X557 Lite HOT 4 Lite
Infinix X559 HOT5
Infinix X559C HOT5 Lite
Infinix X571 NOTE 4 Pro
Infinix X573
Infinix X603 Zero 5
Infinix X604 Note 5
Infinix X606
Infinix X606B
Infinix X606C
Infinix X606D
Infinix X608
Infinix X609 Smart 2 HD
Infinix X612B Smart HD 2021
Infinix X624 Hot 7
Infinix X624B Hot 7
Infinix X626 Infinix S4
Infinix X627 Smart 3 Plus
Infinix X650 Hot 8
Infinix X650B Hot 8
Infinix X652 S5
Infinix X652A S5
Infinix X653 Smart 4
Infinix X655C Hot 9
Infinix X657 Smart 5
Infinix X657B
Infinix X657C Smart 5
Infinix X660C S5 Pro
Infinix X680
Infinix X682B Hot 10
Infinix X683 Note 8i
Infinix X688B Hot 10 Play
Infinix X688C Hot 10 Play
Infinix X689C Hot 10T
Infinix X690 Note 7
Infinix X690B Note 7
Infinix X692 Note 8
Infinix X693 Note 10
Infinix Zero 4 Plus