Apple iOS updates to 10.3.0

ios updates
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Find my iPods

iPods are fairly petite and not the easiest things to keep track of. Not to worry: iOS 10.3 will do the hard work for you. Apple just released an update to iOS 10.3 that include find my iPods, new file system, Maps, Carplay and Siri. The update is added to the more expressive, more dynamic, and more fun.

Read below for more updates to the iOS 10.3

Weather in Maps App

Press on the weather icon on the right side of the Maps screen, and a weather widget will pop up to give you a six-hour forecast of what kind of weather to expect at that location. Keep pressing and the built-in Weather app itself will launch, giving you the chance to add that location to your favorites.

New file system

The new system sounds boring and you have to look around to see what really change is their. But according to experts the new file system will really change the way the iPhone or any device powered by the iOS works.

Other updates include the housekeeping of Your Apple ID Info in One Place, rearranged to be more inclusive iCloud Storage and Improved App Management

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