iPhone 6 concept with bigger screen

iPhone 6 2014 – Bullet Proof Glass Concept

With a 4.7′ screen size the rumored iPhone 6 will move into the most favored screen size. iPhone build and quality is just superb but having to alternate between my favorite Android Samsung and iPhone 5 i always find adjustments to make with the screen size very difficult. The Samsung touch is flawless and the screen area gives me enough room.

With a rumored iPhone 6 screen bullet proof concept Apple will move ahead with the competition. One of the things i faced when last i upgraded most of the company phones also having bought S4 for my Wife was the broken screen issue with a barely two months into the contract.

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There are several additions that Apple can take from the most common mobile platforms and they can still keep their worshiped quality and design. From this side of the Geographical Apple is a rarity while Android run mobile devices like Samsung circulate so hot. Apple store has its preference. I have setup several accounts for Apple ID all with fake details. Why? Because their is no store in my country.
It was a lesson learnt hard. After having invested a $4000 USD in apple products ($1500 MacBook Air, $1000 iPad, $1500 iPhone) i found i could not use them as i failed to register my Apple ID due to  store unavailability in my Country. After countless hours and procedures i managed to get through to Apple and the gentleman at the other end just said “sorry there is no store in your country and there’s nothing i can do”. I cursed that day!

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