iPhone X Is Discontinued But In Zambia, It’s Selling At K17,000

Apple iPhone X
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Rumors are that Apple iPhone X has been discontinued and this is according to recent discussions on Reddit.

Apple has not said publicly why they have discontinued. When you visit the official website iPhone X is not there and instead, you only find the newer models. An earlier version of the iPhone which is 8 will continue though.

iPhone X was launched last year and showed more differences from the predecessor iPhone 7.

When you look at it there are no major changes from iPhone X to XR or XS and X max. Hence I would also agree with my folks at Reddit on the subject.

Selling the iPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR might be too many products. Then you throw in the iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, and 8 Plus.

That’s a lot of iPhones. Apple likes to keep some simplicity in its line up.

How Much Is The iPhone X In Zambia?
Apple website screenshot showing no iPhone X and its place the XS and XR and the 7 and 8 continues

Price of iPhone X In Zambia?

Check the iPhone X specs from here.

Okay so the iPhone X is discontinued so what if i need a phone immediately and its my choice. Well am sure they will keep a few in stock for replacement and their choice to dropped it is based on their advanced market analysis.

Though i strongly feel it’s the pricing of the iPhone X. Why sale a year old with the current model on the same price.

But hey try and check the pricing of the X at MyStore in Zambia and you will be staggered of the price tag. How Much Is The iPhone X In Zambia?

The iPhone X is stretched at 14,750 kwacha ($1400) for a 64GB version.

The 256Gb storage version is at a further 17,150 that is about $1,700 usd and for a phone that is a year old since its launch. 

But genuinely iPhone X “teyabana iyo” its not good enough not just for kids but largely for a greater population of Zambia. There are alternatives like a Samsung J7 Prime am currently using that is 7 times less. Even an alternative Samsung Galaxy S8 and Huawei P20 is half cheaper.

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