iPhone Xs Compared With Samsung Galaxy S8

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iPhone Xs vs Samsung Galaxy S8. Here are my thoughts on switching back to an iPhone XS after using a Galaxy S8 for a year and a half.

The screen on even the Galaxy S8 feels brighter, more vivid, and better resolution.

S8 feels much lighter and has sexier bezels IMO.

iPhone OS is much snappier and more consistent than Android OS.

iPhone camera is much better and less saturated than the S8.

The lack of customizable features on the iPhone annoys me. Especially when you can’t even have empty icon spaces on your screen without doing some 3rd party stuff.

Love the swipe back gesture on the iPhone but I still like dedicated buttons from Android.

I missed the hell out of iMessage.

On the iPhone Xs vs Samsung Galaxy S8 verdict:

There are so many pros and cons for each phone and OS. It’s so hard to compare them because it really comes down to choice and what you prioritize in a phone. They both have great features about them.

In my honest opinion, I think Samsung is much more forward thinking at this point. Their innovation and style have surpassed Apple by leaps and bounds. BUT Apple products and especially the iPhone are so well refined and work smoothly and as they should. There are fewer bugs, crashes, and delays.

All in all, I really hope Apple can start innovating again and catch up to Samsung. The iPhone is an amazing product but compared to my almost 2-year-old Samsung Galaxy S8, it’s nothing groundbreaking. It does what it’s supposed to do, and does it very well.


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