Is Betway Zambia down

Betway Zambia appears to be down today 22 January 2020
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Is Betway Zambia down? Yes, today morning of Wednesday 22 January 2020 Betway Zambia appears to be down.

Betway Zambia both the mobile app and internet browser is problematic today and is redirection to South Africa Betway.

Betway Zambia has the top-level domain of .zm a TLD belonging to Zambia. However, when you try to log in it is redirecting to the top-level domain of .za which belongs to South Africa.

Is Betway Zambia down 1
Betway Zambia defaulting to South Africa site

This means you cannot log in because Betway Zambia username is dependent on the individual’s phone number and the phone country code.

” class=”rank-math-link”>signup for Betway Zambia until the issue is resolved.

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