Is it possible to have two whatsapp accounts on a single phone

Its possible to have two whatsapp account on a single phone
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Did you know that it is possible to have two WhatsApp accounts on a single Samsung phone? All you need is a Samsung mobile phone running on Android 7.0 (Nougat) for you to install your second WhatsApp account via Samsung’s Secure Folder application.


Secure Folder is a component of Samsung Knox that gives you a “compartment” to hold apps and files separate from the rest of the phone. 


When an app is copied to Secure Folder, it’s a completely separate installation. That means it doesn’t share any data with the “regular” version of the app and you can log in with a different username.


Things you download or save while using an app from Secure Folder aren’t available through the regular version of an app, and you can even manually move files like photos or documents to Secure Folder to keep them private.

Recommended phones capable of working with Secure Folder are:

1. Samsung S6 models
2. Samsung S7 models
3. Samsung Galaxy Note 5
4. All latest Samsung A & J series models
5. Samsung S8 models
6. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Secure Folder can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

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