Latest specifications for a new desktop computer

Latest specifications for a new desktop computer
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If you are planning to buy a new desktop computer or laptop in 2022 here are the latest specifications and hardware that you should look at.

A new desktop falling within the highlighted category specifications below will allow you to own and use the computer machine nicely for the next 3-5 years even 10.

These specifications have been arrived at after looking at the current trend and computer requirements. Better performing desktop computers have been found to have specific and optimal hardware minimum requirement of 8GB RAM and a solid state hard drive.

Current operating systems security like Windows 11 minimum requirements is a secure boot and TPM 2.0 compatibility machines.

The emergency of remote working and conferencing also requires a new desktop machine is equipped with a sound card, built-in speakers or external for voice calls and a webcam for video.

  1. Processor: 10th or 11th Gen Intel Core i5, i7 or i9 Processor or Apple M1 Processor (CPU)
  2. Security: Secure boot and TPM 2.0 compliant
  3. Operating System: Windows 10 Pro or Windows 11 Pro or Enterprise and for Mac a macOS 12 code name Monterey
  4. Memory: 8-16 GB of RAM
  5. Video Graphics: Integrated or Discrete graphics processor capable of 1440 X 900 resolution, or better (1920 X 1080 or 1200 ideal)
  6. Webcam: External USB device or built-in
  7. Sound: Sound card or built-in audio and headphones for Zoom or Team conferencing
  8. Network: 802.11ac Wi-Fi capability.
  9. Warranty: 3 year on-site warranty excluding natural disaster or accidental damage
  10. Microsoft Office: Office 365 subscription or perpetual license of Office 2019

Other Accessories:

  1. All in One Mono Printer (wireless and USB connected w/USB cable) and a USB flash memory drive port.
  2. 17″ or 21” LCD

These recent computer hardware requirement apply everywhere wether you are in Zambia or outside and you should be mindful next time you are getting a new computer. You need compatibility that will extend a few years into the future.

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