Learn every Microsoft PowerShell CMD as told by Yeta Edgar Mutelo

Learn Microsoft Powershell from Zambia's foremost scripting Yeta Mutelo
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Will you learn every Microsoft PowerShell CMD? What is Microsoft PowerShell? According to Microsoft, Powershell is a scripting language, commonly used for automating the management of systems. It is also used to build, test, and deploy solutions, often in CI/CD environments. PowerShell is built on the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR).

Here is a list of every PowerShell command that has been shared on Yeta’s Facebook account

  1. Did you know that Windows AD, with a forest functional level of at least Windows 2016 supports time-based group membership?
  2. get-member is your go-to cmdlet if you want to understand the object nature of PowerShell. But there’s another PS cmdlet that can be very handy especially if you want to know an object’s properties; the format-list cmdlet. You can think of format-list as an assistant to get-member.
  3. Understanding PowerShell’s discoverability features is what will lead you to its mastery. These discoverability features are hidden in the following 3 core fundamental commands: 1. get-help, 2. get-command and 3. get-member
  4. In PowerShell, cls and dir are cmdlet aliases which I use every day. What about you?
  5. The Search-AdminAuditLog is such a powerful PowerShell cmdlet. The auditing in Exchange could be of great use to aid in troubleshooting your messaging environment
  6. In Microsoft Exchange, which PowerShell cmdlet(s) can you use to discover the number of domain controllers in your AD infrastructure, without relying on any AD-specific PowerShell cmdlets?
  7. PowerShell remoting is an applied science. There’s really nothing magic about the technology. Just out of curiosity, READ the following about topics:
    about_Remote | about_Remote_Disconnected_Sessions | about_Remote_FAQ, | about_Remote_Jobs,5. about_Remote_Output | about_Remote_Requirements, | about_Remote_Troubleshooting | about_Remote_Variables | about_PSSessions | about_PSSession_Details
  8. My fellow PowerShell enthusiasts, there’s new module on the PowerShell gallery, Microsoft.PowerShell.WhatsNew. It has a cmdlet Get-WhatsNew which displays release notes about a version of PowerShell.

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