Learn Google Kubernetes with Qwiklabs free December training.

Learn Kubernetes on qwiklabs at no cost
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You can now learn Google Kubernetes with Qwiklabs free training as long as you register in December but before 2021.

Today after massive stages of the internet has been shaped after Cloud computing skills are become hot and fancy as learning programming and command line tools once was in the 90s.

Google Cloud is continuing to offer no-cost learning opportunities until the end of this year to help you build in-demand cloud skills. Read on to find out how you can further your knowledge of not only Kubernetes but AI, multi-cloud, and more. 

“If you sign up by December 31, you’ll get access to unlimited Kubernetes training and the opportunity to earn Google Cloud skill badges on Qwiklabs at no-cost for 30 days.

We recommend you begin with the following quests on Qwiklabs: “Deploy to Kubernetes in Google Cloud” and “Kubernetes Solutions.” ” Says Google partners in this training.

” “Deploy to Kubernetes in Google Cloud” will teach you how to configure Docker images and containers and deploy fully fledged Kubernetes Engine applications.

By taking the “Kubernetes Solutions” quest, you’ll have a chance to practice with a wide variety of Kubernetes use cases such as building Slackbots with NodeJS, deploying game servers on clusters, and running the Cloud Vision API.” Says Cloudblog withgoogle.

 Sign up here to get started with Kubernetes. 

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