List of Zambian Websites To Be Affected By Google Chrome Update 68

List of Zambian Websites to be affected by chrome update
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The following websites from Zambia will be heavily affected by Tuesday 24th July Chrome update that force use of https. For a good period now Google has been promoting to secure the browsers and how they exchange information. When the new update Chrome 68 rolls out it will actively nudge the user about the insecurity of the website been visited.

Most of these websites do not force http redirect to https hence they will be largely affected. Sites like from Zamtel and MTN do not resolve with https:// nor without www

  1. The national Assembly of Zambia. Url a check as at Tuesday 24 showed the site insecure warning.
  2. – AEL Mining Services offers a holistic approach to help our customers on their unique journey to optimal blast outcome
  3. Url  Zambian Embassy for Japan.
  4. Zambia Embassy presently the website is infected with phishing scam and google readily give a warning. *
  5. MTN Zambia. *
  6. Zamtel Zambia.  *
  8. Nkana Water *

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