Litecoin drops while Bitcoin continue to escalates

Litecoin drops to $55.20 while bitcoin escalates to $6372 all time value

Litecoin dropped to 55.20 from $69.28 over the weekend while the infamous Bitcoin continues to escalate now to an all time value of $6372 USD per coin.


Did you know? LiteCoin’s creator is a former Google employee and MIT graduate named Charlie Lee. He wanted LiteCoin to be the “silver” to Bitcoin’s “gold”.


Bitcoin keep escalating everyday but why aint people investing in this gold rush currency? Bitcoin is a risk capital and you only invest if you’re prepared to lose. Its relatively new on the market and has only shed a few years having been invented by unknown programer from Japan. 

Can we trust Bitcoin to be the value currency of the future?


Post Author: Funashi Mwamba

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