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New Apple technology macOS High Sierra
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Your Mac has been elevated to macOS High Sierra the latest OS from Apple. The new version is rather a solidification to the underlying technologies. Apple promises to have made improvements to make your Mac more reliable and responsive.


macOS High Sierra marks the 15th version in the history of the Apple OS having the first born, way back in 2000, as the Public Beta: “Kodiak”.


From the Public Beta Kodiak Mac OS X to the full version such as the “Puma” – Mac OS 10.1 the Apple Operating system whooped at an expensive US$129 boxed CDs. Mac OS has since grown now to free download and to the way the OS is named. Apple adopted names of animals and among them Lion – Mac Os 10.7 and Mountain Lion 10.8 and also Leopard and Snow Leopard where the famous.


But from 2013 instead Apple adopted iconic names in California hence the September release of that year was Mavericks then Yosemite and the EL Capitan. At El Capitan Apple also ended the naming convention of OS X to macOS XXX. So today we effectively have Sierra as macOS Sierra with the macOS High Sierra released at 25th September 2017.


Features of macOS Sierra 10.13

macOS High Sierra was announced on June 5, 2017, during the WWDC keynote speech. It was released on September 25, 2017.

Its available as a free upgrade and a link at will take you through the upgrade.


The new technology feature a new Apple File System – AFS. Though AFS will only work with SSD for now so if you have a Fusion drive or HDD dont upgrade.


macOS High Sierra also refines the features and apps you use every day. It’s macOS at its highest level yet.

A whooping size of 4.8GB  is the size of the OS. If you are in Zambia be wary of the expensive internet and must invest  about US$30 for a 10GB download.

On a slower and shared internet in this region a 5GB download of data will take several hours to complete.


If you want to learn more check the new full features of macOS High Sierra


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