Meta AI or Search Lands on WhatsApp, Instagram

Meta AI has made its way to WhatsApp! With the introduction of the Llama 3 AI model
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Meta AI has made its way to WhatsApp! With the introduction of the Llama 3 AI model, Meta is enhancing its AI capabilities across various platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

Here’s a lowdown on what you need to know and what it means for you:

First of all a small need to know about Meta AI. Meta AI is an artificial intelligence lab owned by Meta Platforms Inc. Meta is what we previously knew as Facebook as a company. Meta AI develops various forms of artificial intelligence, including augmented and artificial reality technologies.

Meta AI is also an academic research laboratory focused on generating knowledge for the AI community such as the ones on WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. So anyway here is what you need to know about Meta AI especially integrated into WhatsApp.

Image Generation: Meta’s Llama 3 AI enables users to create high-quality images while typing messages. These images evolve with each keystroke, providing sharper visuals that can include text. From designing album artwork to birthday decor, users now have a convenient tool for creative expression.

Prompted Modifications: Users can modify generated images with prompts from the AI assistant. Once satisfied, images can be animated or transformed into GIFs for sharing with friends, adding another layer of personalization.

Wider Rollout: This feature is part of Meta’s broader rollout of AI features across its platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger. Already available to users in India, Meta AI will soon extend to Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses and Meta Quest in the US.

In summary, Meta AI on WhatsApp offers similar image generation capabilities to Microsoft Copilot and Google Gemini, providing users with opportunities for creative expression and personalization. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development!

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