Microsoft Kaizala Pro To Be Included To Office 365 Service

Microsoft Kaizala is a mobile phone app
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Microsoft Kaizala Pro will be included as part of the Office 365 service before the end of the year. This means the subscribers to Office 365 will enjoy the messenger communicator for free. 

Microsoft Kaizala is a phone-number, simple and secure mobile chat app that enables you and your users to connect and coordinate work across your network.

Though ‘kaizala’ as a local word in Zambia might mean something else. “A small child who spills out the beans after seeing his or her machinations go wrong or about to be discovered.”

But Microsoft Kaizala is more than a tool that is inclusive of your organisation, vendors, partners, suppliers, and customers.

Kaizala is more than the traditional social media network chats like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and many others. Microsoft Kaizala is centered for organisations as well as the corporate world.

The app is critical to enhancing business communication in around the office and in the field.

Kaizala Availability

In their Stay Informed bulletin MC151705 published October 19th, Microsoft said the Kaizala Pro will be available mid-November. From that time users will begin to see the icon in their working environment.

Users will also be able to start using the Kaizala Management Portal. And link their Office 365 account on the Kaizala mobile app.

In the Microsoft docs, this is what the Corporation says about Microsoft Kaizala

Kaizala lets mobile users send instant messages, send Kaizala Actions, schedule work, send invoices, provide training materials, and send attachments such as pictures, documents, videos, audios, and more.

Kaizala also lets you get instant feedback from your users about anything you want. With Kaizala Actions, you can send out polls and surveys to a few users or thousands. When recipients respond, all responses are automatically aggregated and presented in an easy to view report to help with decision making.

Microsoft docs

For a demo to Microsoft Kaizala follow this Download Link and for the Tenant Level Admin Control

Currently, Kaizala is not available in Zambia but South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria and three other more African countries.

“If your country isn’t listed above, you can still try out the preview version of Kaizala.” Microsoft says.

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