Microsoft New Fresh Outlook Rolls Out – No More Toggling

Microsoft new fresh outlook
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For users at or the Microsoft new fresh Outlook has rolled out. The redesigned started last year and Microsoft has been rolling out pieces by pieces. But of recently Microsoft started testing out the UI and the Calendar and People Section.

The new fresh Outlook design for mail at is now standard for all users in Zambia, with no need to toggle the beta mode on. Today when i opened my account i was greeted with the final product.

New Fresh Outlook Redesign

Refreshed profile card with Enriched People and Mail integration

Improved Search

  • Search has been moved around and is more centered for a quicker and productivity. Previously the search location was cumbersome to locate.

All Photos are now in one place.

  • Outlook has introduced Photos within the email. All pictures will be stored in one place. Next People in the right pane of Outlook you will see an icon with attachment symbol. Its called files and holds all attachments from the email.
  • A bonus in the module is when the files are separated from th images

Personalized messages with emojis and GIFS

  • Choice of the emojis will be available based on words used writing in the email

There is more white in the background with few colorful animation when moving from one task to another creating a more intuitive and pleasant experience. 

Chat and Call Skype right inside in addition to Enriched People and Mail integration


Microsoft new mail bring you a faster, smarter, and more personalized inbox  adding to a fresher experience.

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