Microsoft Special Tool for Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant

Microsoft Office Tool helps administrators to fix problems experienced by the Office Application
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Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant is a Microsoft special tool for fixing Microsoft Products. If you’re experiencing problems with Outlook or are having trouble installing Office apps, Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant for Outlook Office 365 can help identify and fix several issues.

Issues like Outlook taking longer to open or not even opening at all. Excel saving large files or any of the Microsoft Office application acting in a weird way impending on your work.

How does it work?

Support and Recovery Assistant works by running tests to figure out what’s wrong. It can fix many problems for you, or it can tell you how to fix them yourself. 

The App will help you fix the problems with the following; 

Office setup

Outlook App

Outlook for Mac 2016 or Outlook for Mac 2011

Mobile devices

Outlook on the web for business

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Exchange Online.

The download link is here

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