Samsung Galaxy A20 price in Zambia

Samsung Galaxy A20 price in Zambia is very affordable

Samsung Galaxy A20 is a medium to high-end phone manufactured by Samsung Electronics of Korea. Galaxy A20 was launched in April 2019 and has been available in Zambia since then with the pricing varying from the main mobile companies such as Airtel and MTN. A quick check by Lensesview of the Samsung Galaxy A20 price…

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Revamped Galaxy Fold price and specifications

Revamped Galaxy Fold price in Zambia will not sell anything less than 26,000

“Today the future unfolds.” Samsung of Korea announced the galaxy Fold is now available in South Korea. It goes on sale on 18th September in Europe. Revamped Galaxy Fold fixes screen issues that its earlier release had. Galaxy Fold initially released in April 2019 reportedly developed broken screens just after 48hrs of use. It was…

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Galaxy S10 Plus Specs and Pricing In Zambia

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus specs and pricing

Galaxy S10/10+ is the high-end smartphone manufactured by Samsung Electronics of South Korea. It was released in February 2019 and was available on the Zambian market a month later with major shops such as Samsung of Zambia, MTN, Airtel and Mobile. Samsung Galaxy S10+ good deal is at 13,500 Zambian Kwacha and the entry S10…

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Coffee Break At Lensesview

Coffee Break At Lensesview 1

We here at Lensesview have reached a higher state of mind. While meticulously crafting content to enlighten the Zambian we have elevated to another dimension where we have spent ages enhancing our cognitive development, growing infinitely wiser and more experienced. . In this surreal place called Lensesview Project, we’ve finally found the answer to the…

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