Money Transfer Technologies Impact In Zambia

Money Transfer Technologies Impact to Businesses In Zambia
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Technology and business in Zambia like Airtel Money, Speed Pay, Zoona, Swift Cash, Mtn Money, and Zamtel Kwacha are all involved in money transfer services and bill payments.

These have become common such that some people have even forgotten how the banks look inside. With Zoona, Airtel and Mtn one can even save money. 

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In short a simple account can be maintained. This is good innovation by mobile companies because they have diversified their business to money and banking. They entered the financial sector which has no barriers to entry.

On the other side, which is the banking sector, they have continued offering banking and financial services at a huge scale and improved on mobile banking service provision, that is E-wallets (Barclays & FNB) and Xapit (Zanaco).

Other banks are yet to step into mobile banking service provision. One can transfer money to other accounts within the same bank or to another bank. Send money to mobile phones and beneficiary can withdraw funds from ATMS.

In this technology age, one can deposit money into their account via an ATM for selected banks.

Those of us who have studied Employment and Unemployment with a view to technology and business in Zambia, have these technological advancements created jobs in the financial sector or jobs have been lost as a result of new technology?

Should government step in to tax the use of these technologies to save jobs in the financial and banking sectors?

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