Mopani Copper Mines launches new customer supplier system

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Mopani Copper Mines beginning October 2017 will launch a new customer supplier system called Orbfusion. Mopani will be moving from Syspro to Orbfusion. Orbfusion though a recent player in technology business solutions it has established a global presence just within few years of its launch.


Just like Syspro Orbfusion also has its headquarters in South Africa.


Orbfusion is innovative and takes a future based approach to help businesses create an effective solution that not only works, but is also sustainable for the future. OrbFusion aids in the automation and streamlining of business processes by reducing redundant operations, whilst giving the client control, visibility and traceability over information.


For those that used the Mopani Syspro implemented system found that the online order submission lacked a couple of things. Users could only upload RFQ and nothing more. Once quotation was uploaded the client had no visibility to information and workflow unless outside the syspro system.

The use of Microsoft’s Silverlight was also problematic on the client/supplier side for most computers running Windows. 


Orbfusion is Intuitive

The new system Orbfusion makes work more efficient and the user interface is intuitive and wonderful to work with increasing efficiency. There is also improvement in the workflow.

In Portal Options you get Request for Orders, Purchase Orders and finally you have the option to manage your company details.


How it works! Suppliers already registered with Mopani Copper Mine are migrated to the new system and an invitation is sent to login in at is a communication channel that allows for collaboration and business transactions between Mopani and its supplier’s.


Requirements! You need adobe flash to load pages. utilises Adobe Flash components. Syspro utilised Microsoft Silverlight


Thanks for the new system. UI is intuitive and looks wonderful

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