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Having access to important websites and links in Zambia serves several purposes and brings various benefits. Here are some reasons highlighting the importance of having such links: Access to government services (like NAPSA, ZPPA, RTSA, POLICE), Economic opportunities (LUSE), Educational Resources (UNZA, CBU), Tourism promotion, Information dissemination (Zamfoot, Lensesview, ZNBC)

Here are some of the most important websites and links in Zambia:

  1. Zambia Online ( A comprehensive portal providing technology news, information, and resources on technology topics related to Zambia.
  2. Zamportal ( Single most important website in Zambia provides hundreds of links to services offered by the Government of Zambia.
  3. Zambia Daily Mail ( The official website of the Zambia Daily Mail newspaper, offering news, features, and opinion articles on a wide range of topics.
  4. Times of Zambia ( The online platform of the Times of Zambia newspaper, providing news, business updates, and feature articles.
  5. Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation ( The official website of the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation, offering news, radio broadcasts, and television programming.
  6. Zambia Revenue Authority ( The website of the Zambia Revenue Authority, provides information and services related to taxation, customs, and revenue collection.
  7. Bank of Zambia ( The official website of the Bank of Zambia, providing information on monetary policy, financial stability, and banking regulations.
  8. Lusaka Stock Exchange ( The official website of the Lusaka Stock Exchange, offering information on listed companies, stock market data, and investment opportunities.
  9. Zambia Tourism Agency ( The official website promoting tourism in Zambia, providing information on attractions, accommodations, and travel services.
  10. The University of Zambia ( The website of the University of Zambia, offers information on academic programs, research activities, and student services.
  11. Zambia Development Agency ( The website of the Zambia Development Agency, provides information on investment opportunities, business registration, and economic development initiatives.
  12. Napsa Pension Scheme Authority ( This website provides information and access to pension contributions and withdrawals.
  13. Zambia Revenue Authority ( This website and link offer accessibility to statutory taxation in Zambia
  14. Zambia Trade Portal ( The Zambia Trade Information Portal (ZTIP) is a one-stop platform for all information relating to import and export into and out of Zambia and transit through Zambia. The portal is hosted by the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry (MCTI) in conjunction with Smart Zambia Institute (SZI)
  15. PACRA ( Patents and Companies Registration Agency’s site principal mandate is to provide Business Registration and Intellectual Property protection services.

Please note that the availability and content of websites can change over time, so it’s always a good idea to verify their current status and relevance.

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