Most Zambian Websites Will Be Affected by Chrome 68 Starting Today

Most Zambian Websites Will Be Affected by Chrome Starting Today
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Google Chrome 68 update rolling out Tuesday will affect hundreds of websites running in Zambia. Chrome will force to use https instead of http.  Google has been steering the need to make the web more secure for months now. But with the core update 68 scheduled July 24 you will be nudged with a pop up warning about the security of the website. This update is only applying to Chrome.

Companies like Apple have also been pushing for a safer website by encouraging implementation of https. Like back in June 2016 the iOS maker has been forced everyone making an App for their Store to use encrypted connection.

While many have adopted https to be standard others have objected especially those running static websites. But to push this further Google back in 2015 ranked websites based on https. That’s why Chrome will force to use https beginning today.

From an ordinary Zambian browser user the main difference between HTTP and HTTPS is that all HTTPS traffic is encrypted by default. This means https is more secure from snooping, especially when you are using a public network.

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Most sites run by Zambian admins will be affected as they have not implemented the required SSL  and https. Zambian websites to be affected include websites in sports, corporate and more of government sites. You will be surprised that even MTN Zambia and Zamtel do not run in secure mode.

For a list of sites to be affected by Chrome update 68 see here.

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