New Facebook customized for a new simpler feel and look

New facebook is customized for a simple experience
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Read Time:1 Minute, 11 Seconds has received a new feel and update to its UI (user interface) from a brighter skin to a lighter darker shade which is easy on the eyes and simpler menus. Also, Facebook home icons have been rearranged and moved around some into the Account submenu.

You can now find your privacy checkup and activity log in Settings and Privacy a submenu of Account. The Account appears top right with a larger triangle than previously.

New Facebook Account submenu
New customized Facebook Account submenu is more simple and easy

Also to note is the Account has the toggle button for the Dark Mode option. It is here in the submenu you will also find Switch to classic should you find the new design confusing.

On the layout noticeably the post area is wider owing to the 3 column layout that Facebook now occupies from the 4 layout we had for so many years. This gives some portions of the Facebook page seem empty and unoccupied.

The Search area is placed far-right and reduced length allowing for larger icons in the top center. The icons are not labeled not until you place your mouse; Pages, Watch, Groups, and Gaming.

Immediately below these iconic pages to note is the mini header which was solid blue but now is designed with white background and Stories images take center stage. Stories appear enhanced images with round edges for a more pronounced look

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