New Feature Windows Recall Raises Security and Privacy Concerns

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Windows Recall is a feature that allows users to retrace their steps on a PC by creating an explorable timeline of their computer’s past activities.

Recall works by taking a snapshot of your PC every 5 seconds. This allows you to retrace your activities across time.

Say two days later if you were browsing Facebook Market and someone showed you a jeans trouser you could search within Windows 11 and type something like “Blue Jeans” and Recall will pull images from your PC related to the blue jeans.

Additionally, Windows Recall will also suggest the internet links and or shops near you based on your browsing history

Here’s a summary of how it works:

Security and Privacy Concerns

Windows Recall works by taking a snapshot of your PC every 5 seconds therein lies the issue.

Here are some concerns across the internet about Recall


@eQosmic This is interesting tech, but so much of it feels like there will be major privacy concerns inbound.

User on Reddit

Shajirr replied to Satya Nadella’s interview “And it operates locally/on the device only”

Doesn’t matter – it makes users’ PCs a WAY more interesting target for thieves if you might be able to get all sorts of stuff when it’s all already recorded for you to grab.

Don’t need a keylogger being active on your OS for a long time when the OS itself already had done all the work for you.

Another user in r/Technology “Great, now if someone wants to make a spyware, they only have to peek into that instead of trying to make something elaborate that also stays under the radar.”

Windows Recall is optimized for select languages and helps users find and re-engage with content they’ve seen before, enhancing productivity and ease of use. But the privacy concern this AI brings is more real than it sounds.

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