Pairing Microsoft Notebook Mouse 5000 on macOS Sierra

microsoft-bluetooth-notebook-mouse 5000
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Pairing Microsoft Notebook Mouse 5000 on macOS Sierra is very easy. It’s a small Bluetooth mouse and very fast with operation making the clicks so ease. MacBook has built-in Bluetooth so I have a nice travel mouse with no dongle! Though comparing to Apple Magic Mouse my Microsoft Notebook Mouse 5000 is inferior. Its length is quiet about fine. The only problem is the height. It’s a bit high compared to the Magic making it bulge with this “uneasy” protuberance in my thin MacBook Air pouch.


But here is the score for my Microsoft Mouse preference. I can easily write click with it compared to the Magic that only always allow to hold down the Ctrl button then click.

Right click is a tool that is a must for most of my work. 

It was working fine on my iMac 27′ Late 2012 and on the MacBook Pro with retina late 2013. My MacBook Pro went down and i had to go to my archive for a replacement. The Magic Mouse was working fine until this weekend it broke down. I tore it apart and found debris. Cleaned it up and was putting it together when some parts been brittle broke and there was no way to fix. So i turned to my Microsoft Notebook Mouse.


To my surprise it couldn’t be detected and paired. My work suffered over the weekend until i had to do something outside the manual.


After going through tons of forums here is a technique that worked for my MacBook Air

  1. Turn on the mouse
  2. Press or hold down the connect button 
  3. Click Bluetooth tray icon; Browse Device…
  4. If the device “Mouse” is not in the list click search, then click browse

The mouse showed nicely as Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 and was asking to be paired. 

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