Phone Deal Of The Week HUAWEI Y5 Prime 2018

Huawei Y5 Prime 2018 special deals
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MTN Zambia is offering HUAWEI Y5 Prime 2018 on a special deal. Huawei Y5 Prime 2018 is a smartphone manufactured by HUAWEI of China.

The handset is readily available in Zambia since 2018 when it was released. Also and available is a wide range of Huawei phones in Zambia.

The special offer from MTN Zambia puts the Y5 Prime at 1,499 Zambian Kwacha.

Phone Deal Of The Week HUAWEI Y5 Prime 2018 1

Huawei Y5 Prime MTN Special Deal

According to MTN Short Messaging Service sent to selected customers when you make a purchase from any service center you also get FREE data and a GIFT.

For a smartphone with a smoother experience, FREE data and a GIFT all going at $125 puts Huawei Y5 Prime 2018 as number one Zambia phone deals of the week.

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