Resetting HP Printer CM1415NFW

This blog post is about how to reset to factory defaults HP printer CM1415NFW
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This blog post is about how to reset to factory defaults HP printer CM1415NFW. This printer has a weakness when some settings go wrong and the wireless connection just stops working. This actually brings me to my own experience.

For a while, I stayed connecting a perfectly working wireless-capable printer hooked to a USB port. No matter what I tried in troubleshooting I failed to connect the printer to the network through wireless.

This actually made a mess of things. Cables were scattered and dotted dirty around a cleaner perfect environment.

But thanks to MikeMo for providing a hint on the “Hard Reset” of this printer model HP Laserjet CM1415NFW.
After a few attempts, I learned the right trick for this task.

Attention: During this Hard Reset process you will lose all of your own printer settings (i.e. printer settings will be restored to factory default settings & admin [device security] password will be removed.

This is what if you are looking for then go ahead with the following steps.

  1. Switch off Printer’s power toggle switch (located on left side of the printer)
  2. When the printer switched off, look at the touch screen of this printer extreme left
  3. Extreme left side of the touch screen you will notice 3 icons areas [not visible as bright] as follows:

    (a) ? – mark (located on upper side)
    (b) > – right arrow mark (located in middle)
    (c) X – mark (located on bottom)
  4. Touch & hold the area of (b) – do not release the hold
  5. Switch On printer’s power toggle switch now & still you should hold down the area of (b) in touch screen
  6. Once the touch screen shows “Storage Init” then release the (b) area touch
  7. Wait for couple of seconds

    Now printer’s customer data is wiped including device security password.

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