Samsung Galaxy Phones

Samsung Galaxy Phones 1

Samsung Galaxy Phones in Zambia

Samsung phones are found durable and are a preferred brand, here are the most used Samsung Galaxy phones in Zambia.

Samsung SC-02H Galaxy S7 Edge
Samsung SCH i545 Galaxy S4
Samsung SM-A013G Galaxy A01 Core
Samsung SM-A015F Galaxy A01
Samsung SM-A022F Galaxy A02
Samsung SM-A025F Galaxy A02s
Samsung SM-A105F Galaxy A10
Samsung SM-A105G Galaxy A10
Samsung SM-A107F Galaxy A10s
Samsung SM-A115F Galaxy A11
Samsung SM-A125F Galaxy A12
Samsung SM-A205F Galaxy A20
Samsung SM-A207F Galaxy A20s
Samsung SM-A217F Galaxy A21s
Samsung SM-A217M Galaxy A21s
Samsung SM-A260F Galaxy A2 Core
Samsung SM-A305F Galaxy A30
Samsung SM-A307FN Galaxy A30s
Samsung SM-A315F Galaxy A31
Samsung SM-A5000 Galaxy A5
Samsung SM-A505F Galaxy A50
Samsung SM-A507FN Galaxy A50s
Samsung SM-A515F Galaxy A51
Samsung SM-A525F Galaxy A52 4G
Samsung SM-A600F Galaxy A6
Samsung SM-A600FN Galaxy A6
Samsung SM-A605G Galaxy A6+
Samsung SM-A705FN Galaxy A70
Samsung SM-A715F Galaxy A71
Samsung SM-A730F Galaxy A8+
Samsung SM-A750GN Galaxy A7 (2018)
Samsung SM-A805F Galaxy A80
Samsung SM-F916N Galaxy Z Fold2 5G
Samsung SM-F926B Galaxy Z Fold3 5G
Samsung SM-G361H Galaxy Core Prime
Samsung SM-G390F Galaxy XCover4
Samsung SM-G532F Galaxy J2 Prime
Samsung SM-G532G Galaxy J2 Prime
Samsung SM-G570F Galaxy J5 Prime
Samsung SM-G610F Galaxy J7 Prime
Samsung SM-G892A Galaxy S8 Active
Samsung SM-G900F Galaxy S5
Samsung SM-G920A Galaxy S6
Samsung SM-G920F Galaxy S6
Samsung SM-G920L Galaxy S6
Samsung SM-G920V Galaxy S6
Samsung SM-G925V Galaxy S6 Edge
Samsung SM-G928C Galaxy S6 Edge Plus
Samsung SM-G928F Galaxy S6 Edge Plus
Samsung SM-G930A Galaxy S7
Samsung SM-G9350 Galaxy S7 Edge
Samsung SM-G935F Galaxy S7 Edge
Samsung SM-G935U Galaxy S7 Edge
Samsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8
Samsung SM-G950U Galaxy S8
Samsung SM-G950U1 Galaxy S8
Samsung SM-G9550 Galaxy S8+
Samsung SM-G955F Galaxy S8+
Samsung SM-G955U Galaxy S8+
Samsung SM-G960F Galaxy S9
Samsung SM-G960U Galaxy S9
Samsung SM-G975F Galaxy S10+
Samsung SM-G975U Galaxy S10+
Samsung SM-G988B Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G
Samsung SM-G996U Galaxy S21+ 5G
Samsung SM-G998B Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
Samsung SM-J200G Galaxy J2 (2015)
Samsung SM-J260F Galaxy J2 Core
Samsung SM-J330FN Galaxy J3 2017
Samsung SM-J400F Galaxy J4
Samsung SM-J410F Galaxy J4 Core
Samsung SM-J415F Galaxy J4+
Samsung SM-J415G Galaxy J4+
Samsung SM-J500H Galaxy J5
Samsung SM-J610FN Galaxy J6+
Samsung SM-J700H Galaxy J7 2015
Samsung SM-J720F Galaxy J7 Duo
Samsung SM-J810F Galaxy J8
Samsung SM-M022F Galaxy M02
Samsung SM-M127F Galaxy M12
Samsung SM-M317F Galaxy M31s
Samsung SM-M515F Galaxy M51
Samsung SM-N770F Galaxy Note10 Lite
Samsung SM-N910C Galaxy Note 4
Samsung SM-N9500 Galaxy Note8
Samsung SM-N950F Galaxy Note8
Samsung SM-N950N Galaxy Note8
Samsung SM-N950U Galaxy Note8
Samsung SM-N950U1 Galaxy Note8
Samsung SM-N960F Galaxy Note9
Samsung SM-N960U Galaxy Note9
Samsung SM-N970F Galaxy Note10
Samsung SM-N9750 Galaxy Note10+
Samsung SM-N985F Galaxy Note20 Ultra
Samsung SM-N986B Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G
Samsung SM-N986U1 Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G
Samsung SM-S727U Galaxy J7 (2017)
Samsung SM-T116 Galaxy Tab 3V 3G
Samsung SM-T285 Galaxy Tab A 7.0 LTE
Samsung SM-T295 Galaxy Tab A 8.0 LTE (2019)
Samsung SM-T515 Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019)
Samsung SM-T561 Galaxy Tab E 9.6