Samsung Galaxy S8 features leaked

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According to the folks at Phandroid Galaxy S8 may come with a feature called Dual Bluetooth. Galaxy S8 will be released today in New York. A manual was posted on Samsung site and later put behind a password claims phandroid but they already had access to the manual.

…someone at Samsung may have jumped the gun.

It seems the entire user guide highlighting all the Galaxy S8’s key features, has been posted onto Samsung’s download center. The article said.

Leaked Features

  • One feature mentioned in the manual is the Dual Bluetooth. Samsung writes that the feature will allow you to stream audio from your handset to up to two Bluetooth speakers at the same time.
  • Iris recognition – The iris recognition feature uses the unique characteristics of your irises, such as their shape and pattern, to strengthen the security of your device. You can use your iris data to quickly unlock your screen, verify your Samsung account, and sign into web pages and more.
  • In Infinity Display there is a feature called  Always On display – View various information, such as a clock or calendar, even when the screen is off.

The manual might be fake but since the release is today at 17pm CAT there is just the need to wait a few hours and confirm from the live event.

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