Security Top News From Last Week – Teenager Hacks Apple Servers

Computer system security
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Some highlights of Security top news from last week in the computer security world

  • On data privacy – In Zambia Road Traffic and Safety Agency secretly installed cameras to monitor traffic and motorists catch overspeeding and road law breakers

Security threats you need to be aware about

  • Last week, news broke that an Australian teenager had repeatedly hacked into Apple’s servers, stealing 90GB worth of ‘secure files.’ The unnamed high school student has pleaded guilty and will be sentenced next month. Apple finally caught him by tracking the serial numbers of the Macs he used. Apple followed up by confirming that no personal data from users was accessed by the hacker. ADVICE: Be vigilant about your Apple ID and security awareness by often changing passwords.
  • Bad guys are hijacking Instagram accounts. ADVICE: Change your Instagram password to something strong and unique, enable two-factor authentication
  • Microsoft and Adobe sent out updates to strengthen their systems. Update Windows and check to see your  Adobe Flash Player is secured. Here is where to get Flash Player Update


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