And Walaa! Now I Can Send Android Text Messages From PC

Send Android Text Messages From PC
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Their is been workarounds for some keen android users where they are able to send text messages from the computer. But now the good news is that Google has updated a feature into its Messages app.

You can now send the text from your desktop or laptop.

Send Android Text Messages From PC

Android Messages working on the PC. Just scan the QR code and walaa! you are are setup to Send Android Text Messages From PC

How to Setup the the Android Message

Setting up is so easy. For starters ensure Message from Google is setup as default messaging app. Most of the default Message app that come with the phone will not work. So head into Play Store and download the app if you don’t have it.

Then go into Settings and under Apps look for the Messages app and then ensure its setup to default. Then in your browser go to

Third step is to run the QR code. In the Messages check top right corner for … but in vertical and then check Messages for web. If you have setup WhatsApp on in the browser then you exactly how to do it.

To continue using the browser for messages ensure when scanning the QR the option to remember connection is enabled.

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