How to use Google Duo for web

Google Duo web

Most likely you already know Google Duo. Google Duo is a video chat mobile app developed by Google. It is available on the Android and iOS operating systems. Duo offers high definition video call quality though it is also optimized for low-bandwidth networks through WebRTC using Quic over UDP. Duo was announced at Google’s developer conference…

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Coffee Break At Lensesview

Coffee Break At Lensesview 2

We here at Lensesview have reached a higher state of mind. While meticulously crafting content to enlighten the Zambian we have elevated to another dimension where we have spent ages enhancing our cognitive development, growing infinitely wiser and more experienced. . In this surreal place called Lensesview Project, we’ve finally found the answer to the…

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Troubled Google+ Closing Down On 2 April 2019

Google+ shutdown

Troubled Google+ oh troubled social media. Last year on October 8 Google announced that they were shutting down Google+ by August 2019. However that date has been accelerated because of an update to Google+ and its API that impacted some users. The date for shut down has been brought forward to 2 April 2019. At…

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