StarLink is coming to Mozambique in July 2022. Will it solve the internet issues?

How will rural areas afford Starlink internet with living standards as low as $1 dollar a day?
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StarLink is coming to Mozambique in July 2022. This is the second country in Africa together with Nigeria that SpaceX StarLink is targeting to operate in so far.

Sometime between next month July and and September this year StarLink is expected to go live in these Africa countries of Zambia’s neighbouring Mozambique and the largest economy in Africa Nigeria.

On 27th May Elon Musk tweeted “StarLink approved by Nigeria & Mozambique”

StarLink is coming to Mozambique in July 2022. Will it solve the internet issues? 1
Elon Musk tweet of StarLink coming to Africa

Reportedly StarLink is asking the users to be to purchase to start purchasing the satellite kit together with the cost of $99 USD for a monthly subscription. $99 USD in Zambian Kwacha is currently trending at 1,710.42 ZMW.

Currently at around $99 Liquid Telecoms, Zamtel, Airtel, MTN promises home internet with speeds of upto 20mbps which often is not even achieved.

StarLink users will access internet from the ground by connecting to a satellite in space. All that is needed is a dish on an exposed ground or roof pointing to the clear sky for signal acquisition. This is done in a similar manner that DStv signal for television and decoder upgrade is done.

Who is StarLink internet meant for? According to the website StarLink is meant for rural areas where the internet infrastructure is non existent.

StarLink promised 100mbps download speed is actually even a solution for us folks in the cities for a country like Zambia. But the cost of owning a kit is astounding for the urban let alone the rural areas who cant afford even the monthly sub of almost 2000 Kwacha ($99).

A one time fee of $599 (10,400 Kwacha) is required; $499 for the dish and router and $99 for the startup subscription.

However when you look at the pricing and the economical living of the rural people say those of Zambia which is close to Mozambique it appears only the people from urban areas will afford.

Monthly average salaries in Zambia are way below $300 just as in Mozambique with low figures as $200.

What are your thoughts about StarLink?

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