SpaceX StarLink is now available in 36 countries, which countries are these

Space X Starlink is now available in 36 countries
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On 22 July 2022 Elon Musk the owner of SpaceX and StarLink network tweeted that StarLink is now available in 36 countries. The satellite network is aiming to add more customers in all of Africa, most of Asia and the Middle East next year.

But which 36 countries are these? How many are their on the list from Africa? And coming closer to my home is StarLink available in Zambia?

I took time to look at the StarLink map they have provided online and i could only trace about 28 countries where StarLink is available and i have listed those just below. Europe has a longest list where StarLink is already available. Africa has none and South America has few.

Just as there is no StarLink in Zambia so is the rest of the African continent. Though Elon Musk tweeted earlier in May that Nigeria and Mozambique had approved for StarLink presence and implementation was targeted end of July 2022. It appears that has been moved to Q4 for Mozambique and Q3 remains for Nigeria. And in Zambia StarLink will only be available next year in 2023.

Most countries of the world are showing entry into StarLink system by end of Q3. The only gray or dark area of countries not considering StarLink are China, Venezuela, Iran, Cuba, Russia, Afghanistan and Lebanon.

Here is the list of countries that StarLink is now available (this list will keep been Updated)

#Name of CountryContinentStatus
1BrasilAmericasAvailable Now
2CanadaAmericasAvailable Now
3ChileAmericasAvailable Now
4MexicoAmericasAvailable Now
5Puerto RicoAmericasAvailable Now
6Saint MaartenAmericasAvailable Now
7USAAmericasAvailable Now
8Virgin IslandsAmericasAvailable Now
9AustraliaAustraliaAvailable Now
10New ZealandAustraliaAvailable Now
11AustriaEuropeAvailable Now
12BelgiumEuropeAvailable Now
13BulgariaEuropeAvailable Now
14CroatiaEuropeAvailable Now
15CzechiaEuropeAvailable Now
16DenmarkEuropeAvailable Now
17FranceEuropeAvailable Now
18GermanEuropeAvailable Now
19GreeceEuropeAvailable Now
20HungaryEuropeAvailable Now
21IrelandEuropeAvailable Now
22ItalyEuropeAvailable Now
23LuthuaniaEuropeAvailable Now
24PolandEuropeAvailable Now
25PortugalEuropeAvailable Now
26SpainEuropeAvailable Now
27SwiterzalandEuropeAvailable Now
28UKEuropeAvailable Now
List of countries where StarLink is Available

What are the Advantages of Space X StarLink?

According to those who have used and posted around the internet the following are the advantages with one biggest disadvantage which will affect most Zambians and much of Africa: Expensive start-up cost.

Otherwise apart from that SpaceX StarLink is here to stay and because of the following reasons

  • Reasonable price for fast rural internet
  • Currently, no data caps
  • Service works in bad weather
  • Speeds and latency are better than most rural options
  • The companion app offers transparent network status
  • Relatively easy setup and installation

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