Starlink Mini Dish To Bring Affordable Internet to Zambia

Starlink Mini Dish
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While MTN late Tuesday and early Wednesday 19th June had a major break there is other great news for Zambia! Yes, the Internet is getting cheaper with Starlink Mini Dish on the horizon.

Starlink, the revolutionary satellite internet service from SpaceX, is available in the country. This means Zambians can experience faster, more reliable internet access, even in remote areas.

Zamtel and Airtel continue to receive numerous complaints regarding their subpar services, but Starlink provides a glimmer of hope with even more promising updates. The cost of SpaceX’s internet is expected to decrease, making it more accessible and affordable. However, it is unclear which regions will receive the initial rollout of these more affordable hardware and services.

”Rolls out to select areas in a few months.” Musk tweeted. ”Also, Mini can be a great low-cost option for a good backup Internet connection if your landline goes out.”

Currently, Starlink offers standard hardware for 8,000 Zambian kwacha (around $310) with a monthly subscription fee of 774 kwacha (around $24). This provides users with unlimited data and a significant boost in internet speeds compared to traditional options.

But there’s even better news on the way! Elon Musk has announced the upcoming release of the Mini Dish, a smaller and more affordable version of the Starlink terminal. According to Musk’s tweets, the Mini Dish is expected to be half the price of the standard hardware, bringing the cost down to an estimated 4,000 kwacha. The monthly subscription fee is also expected to be roughly halved, bringing it down to around 400 kwacha.

With its potential for wider accessibility, reliability and lower costs in the future, Starlink has the potential to connect more Zambians

The Mini Dish is reported to be about the size of a MacBook, making it easy to install and transport. This could be a game-changer for Zambians not only in underserved areas, students in remote locations, and anyone who needs high-speed internet on the go.

Starlink’s arrival in Zambia is a major development for bridging the digital divide. With its potential for wider accessibility and lower costs in the future, Starlink has the potential to connect more Zambians and empower them to participate fully in the digital world.

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